never ending circle (story)

We were gifts from God that be sent thru our parents. Our connection with them would never reach the finish line. As long as we live, we would always be tangled up; connected; and related. So, was She.

The ups and downs in her life would never be ended. Family was one of the issues. She questioned herself, “Do I make this up?”

Her family was on fire. Everyday was full of fight. She was always there, locked up herself in her room; sitting at the corner of the bed, once or twice sweeping the tears with tissue. Screams, yells, the sound of things that been thrown; she could hear.

She just turned 20. Old enough to think yet too young to understand. Even though she was all curious, but she couldn’t just ask.

Her sister was the one who told her that there was something up in the family. She couldn’t believe, so she came back home. She was in a long distance relationship with her family.

She didn’t like home. She didn’t like being home. The home was always empty. She chose to go out, finding out another life. She wanted to cut her ties with a group called family. She wanted a normal interaction with family like an interaction with a bunch of friends she made.

But, it was just a theory. Her heart always ached whenever friends talked about theirs. She hurt because not able to tell anything fun with hers because her family didn’t have any good memories. Her heart was broken right after a call, “Mom and dad are having a fight everyday. I’m sick of it.”

She was home, for now. Home didn’t feel like home, like usual. But, it was “hotter”. The atmosphere was uncomfortable.

Probably, it was the reason. The reason why she didn’t wanna get into a relationship. Relationship would build a never ending circle. Moreover, if it would be a one life time relationship that called marriage. That marriage term, she didn’t like it too. Marriage would be very complicated. It asked much. She might loose what she liked because she should sacrifice. And, there would be child born. It would be complicated even more. Relationship or marriage were terms she hated too much.

That “everything happens for a reason” idiom was right to the bones.


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