tangled up (story)

She woke up this morning with full of regrets. Her alarm didn’t ring because her phone remained dead. Ah, that was because she fell asleep while listening to a playlist. Battery was running out and no one helped.

8.47 am. She was late for morning class-regret number 1- so she just stayed there on her bed. Her mind wandered around. She hadn’t finished the task for class at 10 because of that stupid falling asleep-regret number 2. She wouldn’t like to step on regret number 3, but here she was now, she needed to start over her thesis proposal but she only had  4 hours to go. Right now, she cursed herself for being so stupid.

Decided to get up, she opened up her curtain and started to make a coffee for herself. It was a routine.

Also, a routine view from someone’s window across that girl’s room.

That girl lived in a small dormitory, floor number 6. A boy who lived across the building was patiently waiting for his view to get started.

That boy was watching. He was confused looking at ‘his girl’. Frown on his face was showing. He knew ‘his girl’ wasn’t in a good situation. He sat near the window where he did the observation, one or two sipping his own coffee.

She was staring at her laptop screen. Her eyes was completely blank. Begin to write but then she erased it. Probably, she needed to get showered.

‘hey, are you okay?’ The boy typed. The text was ready.

Deleted. He wasn’t.




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