him (story)

Last night I had a dream about him that was buried in my deepest memory. He knocked 3 times. I found him there right after I opened the door. He was still with the same smirk; the smirk that I always like; the smirk that makes me falling all over again.

“Hey…” He said.

“What are you doing?” I was still on shock. I bet my face didn’t look good.

“Just, long time no see.”

And of course, he was right.

I didn’t know what happened. It was fast. Suddenly, I recognized the street that we were on. I recognized the houses and the trees. We were around my shelter.

The scene that I knew was you let me put my head on your shoulder while we’re walking. I let you slip your arm into my arm and we both intertwined our fingers.

We talked a lot, like old friends. We laughed because of the old jokes. We stared because we were familiar to each other.

That was the problem. He lived in my past while I should chase on my future. He was so familiar because he was always there in my teenager.

I woke up and checked my phone. It was 4.39 in the morning. Probably, I just miss someone that used to be near.


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