temporary (story)

On Thursday evening, she met someone new. She guessed he was gonna be the one who would fill up her day with joy. They talked. They mocked. They laughed. They sparked.

They discussed about how good Catfish and the Bottlemen is. They discussed about how brilliant Cocoon is.

They both loved staying late at Spot. It was a coffee shop. It wasn’t just ordinary cafe with some slow and mellow song; we could make playlist to get played there. They did that. They were just alike.

When morning came, it was always a brand new. No one regretted things.

They were always ready to say hi at hall, to meet at lunch, to have political discussion, to help each other on college task, to stay late at Spot. It was a cycle.

Until, one of them was bored.

He left.

On this hectic semester. When things were hard to get controlled.

She still stayed there; sipping on bitter coffee every night; waiting for him to come back.

She ever heard this thing, “People come and go. We will always meet somebody new.” People won’t stay that long. We’re always moving. We’re chasing things here and there.

Probably, it was right. She was just a come-and-go people in his life. The beginning might lead to a good relationship but the time worked here.

And her time was up.


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