words about fashion

(This is not a fashion blog and I’m not that fashion people. But, I kinda like fashion. And I think I should post this here. )

Claradevi Handriatmadja was born to impressed me, again and again.

I just read an article from her blog about fashion and she defined fashion more than just pieces of clothes. No, darling. It is more than that. It is also about the feeling and the meaning.

Here I give you words from the master herself: (I only quoted what I like)

Imagine this in your head: flow of people on the street with colorful coats, some holding flowers and coffee by the hands; some were freezing, some felt warm inside. They might rush for a family dinner, or just got stood up by a date. They might choose the green emerald pendant to match the mustard coat, a gift they received from a special someone in the past. They might also wear the expensive coat that day, trying to impress their new colleagues. But the clothes, either consciously or not, always represent something deeper than a skin; most of the time its emotion. Dreams. Wishes. Thoughts. Intention. Communication. Fashion is where those emotions meet with garments and movements. The dance that puts it all together. For me, fashion is most exciting when it’s meaningful.

Source: Lucedale: Understanding Fashion

She brings the definition of fashion to high new level.

So, let’s just adore her together and let the new perspective of fashion be heard.

(Pic: Lucedale.co)


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