that coffee girl

Sometimes when people (including me) post some coffee picture, i wonder whether it’s to prove that we like the coffee or just we go with the trend…

When we drink coffee from some instant coffee, i wonder whether it’s the love for the coffee or not.

I mean… coffee in the sachet is coffee too. It’s not always be brewed.

If people mock other people who drink coffee from instant coffee sachet, then what about the instant coffee from starbucks?

I mean people underestimated other just because they drink some nescafe or goodday and some people think it is not the real coffee because it is a sachet, but what if it’s starbucks? As we know, people nowadays are slaves of this huge coffee company, so I don’t think they will mock anymore…

I don’t know why I drink coffee… sometimes it’s good, sometimes it just makes me wanna puke, sometimes it makes me calm, gives me strength and focus, sometimes it makes my stomach hurts and full with gas. But, I like coffee… I’m not lying.

I do drink anything. I drink good day when i feel black is too heavy. I drink nescafe, starbucks in sachet, Lampung coffee that happened to be in a small paper bag, Aceh coffee in a aluminium foil packaging. I drink black with manual brew when I’m at cafe. I drink cafe latte at Indomaret’s coffee machine. I drink cappuccino at Starbucks. And I drink ready-to-go coffee too when I’m in a rush. I drink them all…

It depends on my mood, well, mostly black. But, still it depends on what my body wants. Just don’t add some sugar. I don’t like sweet. Drinking coffee makes hot chocolate tastes toooo sweet for me. Drinking coffee makes me drink tea without sugar. Drinking coffee makes me ignore the juice in a box because it is just really super sweet I can’t stand.

I don’t know what is the point of this writing, but the thing is coffee is good.

coffee does good.

Pic: Somewhere in Tumblr, I forget.



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