About Me

Hey. It’s e (yes, small e), the writer.

Writing helps me a lot thru everything. It’s like a therapy. We all have our way to express and disguise, and this is mine.

I’m using this and tumblr. Dunno why I keep two, maybe it’s an impulsive action.

I don’t even know I made this page.

What I know is…

When things need to get memorized, I write. So, I could laugh or cry over stuff that had been thru.

When I need to be heard, I write. Sometimes I just wanna tell not  getting some advices.

When I’m depressed, I write. That’s what keeps me alive.

I will write. And will always do.

It will track down my life. 

If I change, then I can sort things and back to the one I used to be.

Moreover, to be better version of me.

(By the way, enjoy. Say hi via comment or anything.)




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