a playlist 2.0

been a long time since the last time i made this kind of post. i attached my spotify playlist that time, just because to make it easier. but now i decided just to write down what songs i currently listen.

  1. missing you, BTOB
  2. beautiful pain, BTOB
  3. butterfly, BTOB
  4. hug, SEVENTEEN
  5. home, SEVENTEEN
  6. coffee, sora.wav
  7. lintasan waktu, danilla
  8. ada di sana, danilla
  9. day dream, lee minhyuk ft. yook sungjae
  10. spoiler, jung ilhoon
  11. what a time, julia michaels ft. niall horan
  12. anxiety, julia michaels ft. selena gomez
  13. heart like yours, williamette stone
  14. depreston, courtney bennet
  15. i placed my heart, ardhito pramono
  16. cigarettes of ours, ardhito pramono
  17. harmony hall, vampire weekend
  18. all the submarine soundtrack by alex turner

a playlist

so yeah.

i made this playlist like few days ago before starting to read some thesis materials. it took me around 30 minutes or so before doing it actually, yeah, happens all the time. sometimes just dont trust the “lets make a playlist first”, it’s a trap, lol

but here it is… enjoy! bcs i do, hehe

well, the name is ‘a playlist for my iced coffee’ because first, these are the song that i want to listen currently, well even many of them always on the list esp the arctic monkeys ones, and second, i drink iced coffee too much these days, i even made one everyday all by myself and even it’s 10 pm.